Why Serviced Apartments Are Ideal for Families

If you have a family and are planning to travel, either for holiday, events or visiting friends/family, think about booking a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments provide a more serene environment that clicks better with families. Whether you're planning a short or an extended stay, your family can reap big by staying in serviced apartment in the following ways. Enjoy maximum privacy The last thing you want when staying out with your family is frequent interruptions. [Read More]

5 Good Reasons To Think About Buying A Transportable Home

Transportable homes come in all sizes and shapes. They are compact yet they offer just enough leg room for a comfortable stay. Like the name suggests, transportable homes offer the unique advantage in that they can be moved from one location to the other with little planning required. Read on to see why these homes can be a good idea for just about anyone. Fun home idea if you're not settled yet [Read More]

The Benefits of Using a Property Manager When Renting out Your Investment Property

It's quite logical that many people make additional property investments beyond their own home, and more than 1.8 million Australians own a second home which is rented out. When it comes to owning a rental property, you have the option of overseeing the arrangement yourself, or utilising the skills of a property management firm. While property management is not free, it's an extremely valuable service that often pays for itself over time. [Read More]

Four Things You Need to Know if Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Fails

If you are a potential home buyer then you know you will need to have a pre-purchase inspection done with companies such as Safe House Property Consultants prior to closing on the home. The problem is, most people stop at that point. They don't consider what will happen if the inspection fails. Before the inspection begins, there are four things you need to know about what will happen if that pre-purchase inspection fails. [Read More]