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Key Points For an Asbestos Management Plan for Your School or Business

In Australia, a school or business that is known to contain asbestos may be required to keep an asbestos management plan. This is a written report that addresses the asbestos in the building and a few key factors for how it will be managed or, if necessary, removed. Typically an outside party that inspects a building for asbestos will work with a business or school owner or supervisor to create this asbestos management plan, but note a few key points you'll want to consider. This will ensure nothing is overlooked and you know what to expect from such a company if you should decide to hire them.

1. Work on the asbestos-containing materials

If your building has asbestos-containing materials, you should include details of any work that is performed on this material including the dates, who performed the work, what was included with the work, and so on. Your asbestos management plan should have something of a running log of work done on asbestos-containing materials if the materials need any type of constant maintenance or repair.

2. At-risk workers

If workers are at risk for being exposed to asbestos, they need to be informed of that risk and what measures are being taken to control that risk. This too would be noted in your asbestos management plan. If the measures to control that risk ever change, the plan would include a note as to the changes and why management decided to make those changes, and also that employees or workers were notified of those changes as well.

3. Training

For workers and any contractors who need to work around the asbestos containing materials, your asbestos management plan should have a method of training them for proper handling, disposal, and the like. This training should also include methods of keeping them safe from any potential exposure, and this too would be noted in your asbestos management plan.

4. Updates

Your asbestos management plan should be updated regularly, and the plan itself should have a timetable for updates and what reviews are needed for those updates. For example, you may have a thorough inspection of asbestos-containing materials every year and a new training for workers on safe handling procedures every year or two years as well. These should be noted in the asbestos management plan. If management decides to remove the asbestos for any reason, the plan should be updated as to the reasons for their decision and how workers will be kept safe during the removal process.