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Tips for Packing Wine Glasses When Moving

Moving out to a new home is always a challenge, especially when you have been living in your current location for a long time. In your new home, you have to take time to settle in and get along with other people. But that is not the only thing that makes moving a hard task. The moving process itself can make you think twice regarding your move due to the effort required to pack household items. However, some items do not require a formula for packing; you just disassemble them and load them into your removalist's truck. But items like wine glasses are fragile and require extra care. Of course, you can opt to pay your removalist an extra sum of money for packing services, but if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, here are some tips for packing your wine glasses:

1. Wrap the Glasses With Tissue Paper

The steps required for wrapping wine glasses with tissue paper are easy; just place your wine glass at an angle at one corner of your tissue paper and roll it. Finally, fold the ends of the paper. Repeat this for each of the remaining glasses.

Some people use newspapers to wrap their glasses. Newspapers can serve the same purpose as tissue paper, but they only have one disadvantage, which is that the ink can transfer to the glasses. And hence, the glasses may not break during transport, but they sure can break when you are scrubbing them hard to get rid of the ink.

2. Wrap the Glasses Using Bubble Wrap

Another way of protecting your wine glasses is by using bubble wrap. If you do not have it readily available at home, you should look for it in your local stores. It appears like a sheet of plastic that has plenty of small raised parts filled with air. But before you wrap the glasses with the bubble wrap, first wrap them with tissue paper. Then tape the bubble wrap on top of the tissue paper so it can hold firmly onto the glass. Wrapping the bubble wrap directly onto the glass is a rookie mistake that can leave the glass into pieces when you are pulling off the tape.

Remember to label the packing boxes you place your wine glasses in as "fragile". Otherwise, the glasses may not be handled with care, and all the protective work you have done may be all for nothing. 

If you have any other questions about how to pack fragile items, consider calling a local removalist for more information.