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Three Considerations of Hiring Commercial Property Maintenance Staff

When you hire staff for your commercial property, you likely consider only the duties of the job. The truth is, when you hire someone for property maintenance, you need to think about more than just the duties of the job. Here are three considerations of hiring commercial property maintenance staff for your business that you should take into account before making a final staff choice:

Location of the Employee

Ideally, you want to have a maintenance staff that is close to the property in case something happens that is considered an emergency or that occurs after hours. The closer your staff lives to the site, the more likely the emergency or issue will be seen to in a timely manner.

Look for employees that live close to the site and can be on-call as needed. Make sure you do keep a revolving group of staff so that no one member is on call more than others.

Consider Staffing Agencies

One of the considerations you can review is using a staffing agency rather than hiring staff on your own. The reason this may be ideal for you is because it saves you interviewing time and it allows you to set guidelines for who is hired. They can also provide you with replacement staff should a staff member quit.

This means you will not only save time during the interviewing process, you will also not loose money if a staff member quits. This is vital for any staff related job, but especially for commercial property maintenance where downtime from staff issues can be crucial.

Qualifications of the Staff

You may think that hiring someone who is a general contractor or maintenance professional is the ideal choice. This particular type of background is easy to find in most staffers, so you would not spend a large amount of time searching for a maintenance staff. The issue with choosing a general contractor is the fact they may not have a background or qualifications in commercial property.

This means they may be able to handle basic issues, but commercial mechanical issues may be a bit more difficult. If you have several commercial operations that require special maintenance you may want to consider a staff member with experience in commercial properties and qualifications related to your business specifically.

These are just three of the considerations you should take into account when you hire staff for your commercial property maintenance team. If you have more considerations that you want to take into account during the hiring process, consider using a staffing agent for assistance. To learn more, contact a company like Royce Cleaning and Property Maintenance Services.