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How Can A Conveyancing Attorney Help You to Avoid Leasehold Conflicts?

Conveyancing refers to the process by which property changes hands from one owner to another. That transfer of ownership can be permanent (when you buy the property) or it can be temporary (such as when you get a lease). This article discusses how a conveyancing attorney can help you avoid most disputes that normally occur between property owners and tenants:

Lease Conditions

Every lease will have a set of conditions that a tenant is expected to abide by. However, some of those conditions can be a cause for conflict between property owners and their tenants. For instance, it is very easy to disagree on issues of maintaining the property or carrying out repairs. These conflicts may arise due to a difference in opinion regarding what is necessary.

A tenant may want the air conditioning to be repaired urgently while the property owner wants to take his or her time doing the repairs. If the tenant had engaged a conveyancing attorney, that attorney would have helped the tenant to request for timelines and detailed lists of repairs that the property owner is obliged to perform.

In this way, needless conflicts would have been avoided since the lease agreement would have been very clear on the matter. That is why you should never negotiate or sign a lease agreement without involving a conveyancing attorney.


This is another cause of disputes between tenants and property owners. Before occupying a property, the tenant makes a deposit to the property owner. That deposit is returned to the tenant if he or she hands over the property in an acceptable condition, that is, in the same state as when he or she first occupied it.

This is where conflicts arise; the property owner may deduct some money to cover some damage and the tenant feels cheated. A conveyancing lawyer is aware of this source of conflict and normally advises the tenant to have proof of the condition of the property prior to occupying it. This proof can be in the form of photographs.

Once the tenant leaves, he or she again takes photos of the property so that in case the landlord says damage has to be repaired using the tenant's deposit then those photos can be presented to backup the tenant's objection to the landlord's claim.

The conveyancing attorney foresees these disputes and helps you to forestall them by negotiating for lease agreements that are very detailed so that there are no grey areas (clauses that can be interpreted in several ways).

It is therefore in your best interest to hire a conveyancing lawyer before you sign a lease agreement with a property owner. To learn more, contact a company like PRS Conveyancing (SA) Pty Ltd.