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Why Serviced Apartments Are Ideal for Families

If you have a family and are planning to travel, either for holiday, events or visiting friends/family, think about booking a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments provide a more serene environment that clicks better with families. Whether you're planning a short or an extended stay, your family can reap big by staying in serviced apartment in the following ways.

Enjoy maximum privacy

The last thing you want when staying out with your family is frequent interruptions. Unserviced accommodation options have lots of those in terms of room service. You get interrupted during meal times, when the room needs to be cleaned, when you need fresh laundry and so on. With a serviced apartment, no one will be at your door disturbing your peace.

Serviced apartments come with everything you need to look after yourself and your family. You'll have a kitchen to prepare your meals, and laundry machines for your clothes. You'll even have your own parking. With all these, you get to spend time with your family without external intrusions.

Pay less for your stay

If you check out the costs of serviced apartments and compare it to similar hotels, you will find that apartments are cheaper. Part of the reason is that hotels side-charge most of the services you already have in a serviced apartment. However, the real cost-savings with serviced apartments are enjoyed when you begin your stay.

You can cook your own meals and do your own laundry without outsourcing the service for extra cost. With a family in tow, the savings can be substantial. You can therefore enjoy extended stays without breaking bank.

There's enough room for all  

The other reason why serviced apartments are great for family is because they are spacious. This is quite important for long stays as you don't want to feel constrained during your stay. While hotels cater mostly to people on the move, tourists or people attending events, serviced apartments are built with stays in mind. For this reason, they are built to accommodate their guests 24/7. They boast enough room for a typical family to cosy up and not feel crowded. Children can play around without having to be reminded to be quiet.

The above qualities are why serviced apartments are often referred to as a 'home away from home'. When staying in one, you maintain the feel of still being at your own residence. You can do the same by cooking, cleaning and spending time with your family as you've always done at home.